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LabiBlog Blog Website Template

Blog Website Builder

is out of the box professional blog platform solution for startups, tech, saas, ecommerce and other types of companies. Who wants to make their product or service known on the internet and drive traffic from the search engines.

  • Start generating content that will drive leads and customers to your business.
  • Just register, customize your blog portal, add it to your domain and start publishing viral blog posts. Your company cases, stories, relevant content for your niche and market.
  • Keep the audience engaged with your expertise.

Rank high in Google and other search engines with LabiBlog Blog Search Engine Optimization module and let prospects find you.

Company Blog Template Customization Settings Company Blog Website Builder Settings

Full Blog Personalization

LabiBlog blog platform is a plug-and-play solution.

  • No need in a designer or a developer, no need to install anything on the server, no need for separate hosting. Yet, the full customization of the blog platform is available to you from the LabiBlog dashboard.
  • Easy to use blog builder will allow you to customize it up to your company's styles. Change color, add logo, favicon, change titles, manage categories, add links to other pages, social accounts, add banners (call to actions), subscription to newsletters.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization settings to make your blog SEO-friendly.

And these are all under 10 minutes setup and you are ready to start posting articles!

Blog Custom Domain DNS Verification Instructions How Point Custom Domain to Company Blog

Custom Domain

You don’t want your website visitors to leave your website when they open the blog link.

  • Use branded custom domain. Make sure your blog opens under your website address.
  • To do so LabiBlog blog platform comes with easy settings, so you can link the subdomain (ex. to your company domain address - (ex.

And it doesn’t take some witty developer to do so, you can totally do it yourself.

Blog Online Editor Settings Blog Text Editor Add New Blog Post Element Settings

Top Notch Editor

LabiBlog is first of all a content marketing platform. We want to make the process of content marketing and content creation for your team as fun and as productive as possible.

  • Your marketing team or business development team should be able to generate content with the LabiBlog blog platform fast, efficiently and with highest quality. That's why we developed our own online editor to make blog post writing fast and effective.
  • You are given all the tools to make your content viral with adding photos, infographics, highlighting important phrases, adding banners and buttons, links and videos. Use multiple channels to deliver the message.
  • Your team will be equipped with high standard instruments to create most egnaging, entertaining and lead generating content. The UX/UI of the blog posts was designed to follow the top notch trends to keep the reader reading to the end and click on call to actions.
Blog Subscribers and Members List Blog Subscribers and Members Analytics Blog Subscribers and Members Subscribe Form

Subscribers & Members

Start building community from day 1 after you launch the blog.

  • Newsletters have become one of the most significant digital marketing instruments. Newsletters deliver an enormous amount of information to your audience and drive’s exponential brand awareness. This way subscribers to your blog and customers start to get more familiar with the company's product or service.
  • But most importantly your company’s expertise and value proposition. As your customers and subscribers feel more and more familiar with the company they inevitably become brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your company.

Grow your subscribers list with LabiBlog blog subscription forms. Easily track, manage and edit members and subscribers from the dashboard.

Plagiarism Checker for Blog

Plagiarism Checker

with so much content being generated every day it is becoming harder and harder to make your content original. And as you probably know that if your blog content is not original it is less likely to be indexed by search engines like Google.

Well, it may be indexed but it will not rank high and such content will not bring any value to your business. It is at the core of content creation to make sure that it is not plagiarized.

  • LabiBlog comes with an in-built plagiarism checker, that way you will always know if you need to rephrase a sentence, reword it, edit a paragraph or add reference to the source. And this will help lead into the right direction and higher LTV and MAU.

Be original - rank higher in Google!

Blog Article Keywords Density Check Blog Post Preview Blog Article Readability Check

Content SEO Checker

Search Engine Optimization is a must have for each and every blog post you produce! If your content is not search engine optimized it is not found by folks on the internet.

  • Optimize the content you write in your blog posts with LabiBlog blog SEO tools.
  • Make sure you add proper keywords, that you use proper headings for paragraphs and subparagraphs.
  • Check for keyword density.
  • Check for readability and redundant phrases.
  • Make sure title, description and keywords - all meta tags are properly set up for the article.

All of these can be checked and edited with our in-built instruments. We care about the quality of your blog posts content and want you to get the most out of it.

Blog Post Analytics Blog Post Growth Metrics

Content Analytics

Once the content is written you need to check how your audience reacts to it. For that we added 3 emojis so your readers can evaluate and share their reactions with you.

  • LabiBlog blog platform analytics shows you how many visitors your blog gets, what are the most read and viewed articles. Whether articles are read to the end. And this will help lead into the right direction and higher LTV and MAU.

These analytics will give you a broad understanding of your audience preferences so you can generate the most engaging blog articles.

  • We will show you trending posts and weak ones. Unique and repeat views.

Make sure your team uses these valuable insights to become experts at content marketing.

Beautiful design!

Blog posts articles are really good looking and this gauge that tells you how much you read and all the pop ups! Wow! This is the kind of all in one content platform with all sorts of content analysis tools that I would usually have to buy and use as separate products. 5 stars it is!
LabiBlog is my new favorite Wordpress alternative! I love everything about it. My team is happy we implemented it instead of the wordpress.
It's about time someone disrupts the Wordpress. No more tiresome process of starting a blog on wordpress from tens of components. Labiblog definitely deserves 5 stars!
I was a huge fan of Ghost until I stumbled upon these guys. Labiblog has so many essential features for content creation which is the biggest part of the whole process. Posting is easy on either platform. But Labiblog made quite a leap in helping to create original and seo friendly content. It's awesome!

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85 companies started Free Trial last month

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85 companies started Free Trial last month

LabiBlog is a very powerful and yet very easy to manage Blog Platform to produce engaging content.

Building up a community and brand awareness, getting the traction and sales up!

Content marketing has become one of the most effectives ways to attract prospects. Once you attracted prospects with your company blog post, then the next step is to convert them. Nurture prospects, leads that come to read your blog articles. This can be achieved through appropriate and eye catching call to actions in the form of buttons, banners, links or pop ups.

LabiBlog blog platform is full-fledged inbound content marketing software, which was designed to help companies like yourself to achieve growth and traction.

How will a potential customer know that your brand exists, if you don't tell them about it? Getting attention through social media and paid advertising is becoming more and more expensive and hardly affordable for startups. Compared to blog content marketing which you can start without extra budget. Just start blogging about your company's product or service. Tell what you know that others might find very useful. Share with the world your knowledge and expertise. There is no better way to do that, than to start writing blog posts with the help of LabiBlog Blog platform for content marketing.

LabiBlog blog platform equipped with top notch instruments to give you superpowers. Content marketing helps you attract and retain a defined audience for your niche and drives profitable customer action.

LabiBlog Blog Platform is the ideal solution to start an effective and profitable content marketing campaign. If you are startup, tech company, saas company or ecommece you will find our blog platform